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About was too long – here’s the change-up.

I have been in the specialty children’s industry for a very long time – almost 15 years.  My background in varied – sales, buying, books, gifts, toys, educational, schools, authors, writing, marketing, pr, blogging and most importantly, playing.

I have recently started a blog for OC Family reviewing toys ( and pointing readers toward independent retailers who are carrying said product.  This has allowed me to redefine Kidstuff I LOVE to be more about me and the stuff I encounter, either through my day-to-day with teenage kids, or through my work.  Kidstuff I LOVE is evolving into the stuff I love doing with my kids.  The stuff my kids are doing that I LOVE (sparing the reader the stuff that they are doing that I don’t love so much.)  I try to infuse my experiences with humor, spice, and not sickly sweet nice.


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  1. Good on ya. I look forward to reading about more of your finds. I too love kid stuff. Fortunately, I’ve got kids to use an excuse to try out new things and read kid books etc. Good luck!


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