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Extreme Dot to Dot is Extremely Fun!


Having a quiet day of ditto handouts is one of those fond memories I have of elementary school.  And while completing these busy work sheets, nothing gave quite the sense of accomplishment as watching a picture emerge from a collection of dots placed in a seemingly random scattering.  Without ever really thinking about it, or identifying my fondness of, Dot to Dots were definitely a quiet pleasure from 2nd to 4th grade, with little thought given to after that period in my life.

Until.  Until the Mindware box of samples arrived a few days ago.  There were some really cool things within the box – things I am sure I will write about in later posts.  But it was the Extreme Dot to Dots that compelled me to get out the pen (the thrill of being an adult able to tackle this dot filled challenge on my terms – no pencil!) and work to reveal the picture hidden within 900+ points.  Yep – 900+.  The first one took me an hour.  I didn’t get to do the second one because at that point (pardon the pun) both of children (ages 16 + 12) had surrounded me and in an effort to each give a page their own go.  It was pretty funny to see.  Obviously Dot to Dots are the comfort food of skill developing workbooks.  These challenge filled books would be great for travel or buying one some quiet time during mmmm, let’s say a 2+ week vacation?

Where might one find such a fun dot filled book?  Try your local specialty retailer, of course!


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