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Granola Babies – Not just for Breakfast Anymore!

December 3 – Day Three of the Independent Store Holiday Countdown – Let’s hear it for Granola Babies!


As a parent of older kids, there are some perks.  Like when you see a mom struggling with a younger kid who is freaking out in a store, you can’t help but think, thankfully I am through with that.  And when a parent has to get up and walk their kid around a restaurant cause the child has reached the end of sitting still, you think, “Hey I only have to deal with elbows on the table, I’ll take it.”  I’m not saying this to rub it in the faces of the parents who have little ones – we parents of older ones certainly have our own challenges.  I’m just saying there are some things that you don’t look back on and think, wow, I wish that was still me.  On the other hand, in addition to sleeping sweaty cuddles with pudgy fingers clasped to the edge of my collar, the cute clothing, books and toys available for the little guys, gets me every time.  I wish every day I could play with cool wood blocks, cute retro bikes, and all the fun stuff for little ones!  And when I walk into Granola Babies and look around, it kind of hurts.  I want to touch and feel all of it.  I really want to buy it.  All.

The owner, Giselle, is one of those incredible people who you can tell in casual conversation, knows what she wants to do, and therefore does it.  She offers a great gathering spot in the corner of the store for groups to meet or presenters to present.  There is a little gate that closes behind so if you are bringing in an active toddler, you can relax a little bit, the boundaries have been secured!  She believes that children should be surrounded by all natural things and she doesn’t compromise on any of the products that she brings in – they are all lovely, and they are all made with natural materials.  She also invites specialty speakers to the store to discuss breastfeeding techniques, different sling models and ways to carry, even family yoga.

The products she carries are for little ones, and the parents who are raising them.  Toys include Waldorf toys (natural wood or naturally painted wood) and other natural playthings.  There are a variety of cloth diapers and accessories, body care for mom and child, baby carriers, and a sundry of other treats you will love or will love buying for someone who you know will appreciate!  All of this cool stuff displayed in the very hip surroundings of the new eco-friendly stores going up around the OC Mart Mix and SoCo, making this a super fun place to do your shopping.  Even better?  Every toy purchase of $25 or more in the month of December, automatically enters you in a drawing for a $100 Granola Babies gift certificate.  Drawing on December 24th.

My favorite product?  The wooden treehouse!  I have always wanted a treehouse of my own, and this one is beautifully finished – soft smooth edges and wood (Ash and Walnut) you want to caress.  Love the rope ladder and the basket gerney!- know kids fortunate enough to receive this during the holiday season will have years of imaginative fun!  The perfect home to fairies and gnomes!

Granola Babies

3315 Hyland Avenue, Suite B

Costa Mesa, CA  92626

(714) 445-4948


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mom of 1, soon to be 2 teenage daughters. wife to vegetarian artist husband. writer. reader. entrepreneur. passion for children's products and book industries, of which I have been a part in multiple capacities over the last fourteen years.

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