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Evel Knievel Super Stunt Kit – Flying Fast!


I am late today getting this out – feeling a little unsettled and therefore distracted.  Husband took the little one to Science Camp and instead of basking in the freedom this produces, I am a little glum.  Could it be because this is just another milestone we are checking off on our quickly approaching departure from elementary school?  And with husband gone too I am forced to face the fact that time is move crazy fast.  Lightening speed.

More pressing question, I guess, is whether or not, this fast paced time that makes me feel like my family is leaping out of childhood is adequately represented in the children’s product I chose for today?  The Evel Knievel Super Stunt Kit is from my old bag of tricks.  It is a product I actually bought for the bookstores, strongly influenced by the fact that I knew my husband would love it.  And it was a Father’s Day gift that year because in my book, Father’s Day gifts are meant to be enjoyed by fathers and those to whom they father.

This fun retro toy calls out to all the men who rode their banana seats in the 70’s, closing their eyes and pretending to be covered in stars and stripes from head to toe.  The operator attaches Evel (first name basis seems okay here, hope nobody is offended) to the ramp and then cranks him up.  When he is adequately wound, player hits the release and Mr. Knievel (switching the proper noun use here)  soars down the ramp and back up another to jump through the fire ring or over a tall wall.  Brilliant!  Hours of fun for little guys and big guys alike.

Clincher – the other part of the delay in getting this out is that the product is no longer manufactured as far as I can tell (which includes extensive online research as well as a call to the original manufacturer who put me on hold only to come back and confirm that they had lost  the licensing rights.)   However, while mulling it over, I determined that while my readership is growing, my blog is not yet rocking the market so anybody who read this and was so inclined to purchase afterwards could probably scoop up the few remaining sets at, or Back to Basic Toys.

And writing this helped remind me that while time does go by, there are toys for all ages.  Life is still going to be fun.


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mom of 1, soon to be 2 teenage daughters. wife to vegetarian artist husband. writer. reader. entrepreneur. passion for children's products and book industries, of which I have been a part in multiple capacities over the last fourteen years.

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