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View Master – A Classic Toy

I know that kids have iPhones, iPods, iPads, Wiis, and every other gadget we couldn’t have ever dreamed up in our day.  They can play with each other in different states, create Powerpoint presentations at age 7 that we would have been proud to turn in a college seniors.  I know. I know. I know.  But there are some simple things from our day that still hold magic.  And a View Master is one of them!

Looking through the View Master’s two eye holes, past the black tunnel, to the still life 3-D image provided by the inserted disc – whether it be a dinosaur, a shark, a view of the Grand Canyon – is a true “aha” moment.  nowadays, the viewers come in modern looking pod shapes, or as binoculars, but my favorite is the classic “View Master” shape in red or blue.  One can also purchase gift sets of many Disney classics but my favorites are the animal disc – especially the marine life ones in which the pics make you feel like you are in the ocean with the sharks (or something less threatening, should you or child be so inclined.)  The experience of looking at the chosen disc is truly memorizing – you might be surprised as a parent, how long it can entertain.

Sidenote: not by Fisher Price, but by a company, Studio 3 D, who has obviously recognized the genius, you can have custom discs made of your own event or subject.  It is really not cheap.  However, it could be clever when used for the right purpose – a really cute outgoing graduation gift that a group of parents could work on together (the discount becomes significant when discs are created in higher numbers!) I’m even thinking it would be a very memorable way to propose!  What custom 3D reel would you make?


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