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eeboo Walk to the Sea Sketchpadeeboo Walk to the Sea Watercolor Pencils

As a toy rep for eight years, my kids have seen many products.  While I, myself, was over the idea of stuff, having piles of it through my garage and office, my kids were not.  They loved when the UPS truck would pull up to deliver another box of goodies.  They loved when stuff was discontinued, meaning it came out of the rep bag and made its way to the garage sale pile. (Yep, I would make my kids spend their own money to buy samples from the garage sale.  Don’t think too poorly of me – I gave them first pick!)  But their favorite time was when I would come back from a tradeshow with my guilt offerings – always carefully chosen.  My favorite items of the season.

When eeboo had products that were appropriate for where my children fell agewise, more likely than not, I brought home one of their items.  What makes the line so special?  It was one of the first to combine beautiful artwork with basic toys, accessories, and educational materials, creating gift items that are timeless.  The art is created by one of several children’s book illustrators that the company uses to make each product a masterpiece.

While I do LOVE the entire line (that IS the name of the blog, so I thought I would make that note) there are some key items that have stood out for me – products that made great birthday gifts throughout the years.  Items that I still see every week, five years after I left repping.

The eeboo gift that I have loved giving the most is a set of colored pencils in a beautiful tin with a matching sketchpad.  In my mind, that item becomes an instant favorite of the recipient.  This season they have several new sets including a couple that have metallic pencils.  However, the Melissa Sweet products have always been dear to me and this season’s Walk to the Sea Watercolor Pencils paired with the matching pad are lovely!

Features I love –

• the tins make the pencils easy to store – forever!  Each of my kids still has a tin of colored pencils that come out frequently.  In addition to school projects, birthday card creations, they also come out for travel activities.

• the pencil colors are named by the artist who is featured on the product.  They bare labels such as “Giant Mushroom” (brown), “Five in the Morning” (bright yellow), and “Peacock” (bright blue).  I am a sucker for details like that!

• this particular set (the watercolor pencils) can be both pencils and paints.  Once the child is done coloring, he or she can run a paintbrush of water over the masterpiece to create a muted watercolor appearance.  Colored pencils can be layered for a more complex pieces.

• The sketchpads are oversized with quality are paper, ensuring that each masterpiece is a frameable treasure.

• The set will run you between $20 – $25 depending on your favorite retailer.


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