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Skippyjon Jones – one of my favorite all time read-a-louds

Skippyjon Jones

You know it is good when you can’t finish reading the page out loud because you are giggling so much, and your child doesn’t care because he or she is laughing so hard along side you.  Truth is, they are probably laughing as much (if not more) at you as the book.

If you are not familiar with the Skippyjon Jones series by Judy Schachner, and you have  child under the age of 7, you need to get yourself to the nearest library or bookstore (don’t forget to shop your independents!) and meet the lovable Siamese kitten…who spends his timeout in his room as the Spanish sword fighting Chihuahua, Skippito, charging through his adventures with many amusing Spanish words and phrases.  This energetic and somewhat sassy hero forces you to read his comic lines with a strong Spanish accent – for readers whom are not fluent in the language, the story quickly becomes an opportunity to share your silly side with your kids.

There are multiple offerings in the Skippyjon Jones category – board books for the very little guys, plush, caps, even adult tees.  A new hardcover edition, Skippyjon Jones Class Action, will be available on July 12th.  However, my best rec is the first book (with the CD so that kids can listen to it being read aloud when you are not available to read) paired with the Skippy “ears” headband.  Classic fun.


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