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Makedo = Make Do

This line is one of those lines that gets a big “Aha!”  I ran across it in the fall when I was researching products for a Holiday Gift Guide I was writing for Coast Kids Magazine.  Not one to be redundant, you know I love these products if I am writing about them…again. (no cut and paste here – all new material)

Makedo packages tools and components that children and their adult friends can use to create sculptures, play animals, even homes (as pictured above) from boxes and other discarded household items.  It is brilliant in the fact that the possibilities are truly endless and ever-changing depending on the vision of each artist.  Kits come with clips, connectors, hinges, and plastic saws.  There are some directions but the rest of the materials and the imagination required to go nuts is up to you.  Just for the record, this is sooooo my kind of product – it is the epitome of the letting kids color outside the lines – there are no lines!  Also, there are no batteries.   There are no glitzy accessories.  The higher end model is better because more people can play – not because it is fancier.  It is about as “green” as a toy can be.  Pieces can be constructed and played with inside or out.  It allows kids to think, problem solve, create but most importantly, it is FUN.

True to my word in my Coast Kids article, my 11-year-old received a Makedo kit for Christmas this year.  And it went down exactly as I had envisioned – Christmas boxes became the exciting part of Christmas all over again.

While the company is based in Australia, it ships most items through an US distributor for free.  Can’t beat that.

Items range in price from $15 + (Playhouse kit pictured is $25)


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mom of 1, soon to be 2 teenage daughters. wife to vegetarian artist husband. writer. reader. entrepreneur. passion for children's products and book industries, of which I have been a part in multiple capacities over the last fourteen years.

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  1. Justine Hofman

    Thank you for the lovely post about our makedo. It really means a lot to us when we read a post such as yours which truly sums up our intention – colouring outside the lines rather than inside. I have another question for you.. can you contact me via my email. Best, Justine


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