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Ahh… The Days of Knotty (not naughty)

Writing yesterday’s entry brought back to mind, the knotty doll – a great baby accessory that I haven’t thought of in about forever.  The lack of thought is definitely a reflection on the fact that I 1) don’t have babies anymore, 2) don’t rep the line anymore.  The merit of the item is still strong and I am glad to see that what was once my favorite go to baby shower item, is still out there being sold by discriminating merchants.

Oh Knotty Doll, Knotty Doll – let me count the ways that I love you!

• Based on a Dutch design, a cottage industry of women in Northern California hand make these special dolls.  (and have for decades – the days way before Etsy!)

• Made of 100% cotton flannel, these soft patchwork dolls can easily be thrown in the washer and dryer and are the same soft, snuggable being when they come out the other side.

• The idea is that moms sleep with the dolls first so that the doll will pick up the smell of mom which will ultimately comfort the baby.

• The design of the doll is that the body is made up of 2 flannel panels attached to the head – one panel can go on each side of a shoulder, transforming the doll into a burp rag.

• Because the doll body is made up of blanket panels, it folds up into hardly any space at all, making it the perfect travel toy.

• The knots at the corner of each blanket panel are intended for babies to use as teethers – so much more friendly than hard plastic or rubber teethers.

• They have sweet pink or brown faces with rosy cheeks – need I say more?

I know that I have a knotty doll tucked away in the bin with all the other baby cloths with which I couldn’t part.  I have fond memories of Knotty being in the crib, car seat, stroller, and the occasional airplane seat.  And her matching flannel blanket always provided the best play area, at home or in the park.

Doll available for approximately $24

Matching blanket available for $30


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