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6th Grade Graduation – the stress of the dress

6th Grade Graduation Dress

My second child is pretty easy-going.  She doesn’t ask for a lot.  She lets things roll off her back.  And she has easily accepted that hand-me-downs are a way of life for her.

So when she announced that all the girls at school were starting to talk about dresses that have been purchased for 6th grade graduation, I knew that what she was really saying was “I want a new dress and I want it to be as wonderful as everyone else’s”.  A challenge, for sure.  The majority of parents within our community have the means to purchase whatever they want… at least within the realm of a dress for an eleven year old girl.  And most have great taste.  And they all want their kids to be the belle of the ball.

To top it off, I had my own expectations.  6th Grade Graduation will take place on the last day I ever have a child in elementary school.  Considering that I have dropped a child off at this same school more days than not for the last eleven years, this day will be extremely emotionally charged.  But rather than deal with all that, we began the hunt for the perfect dress.


colors – must be dark or bright for my fair-haired and fair-skinned child

style – must not have sparkles – not negotiable.  Must look both childlike and mature at the same time.  Must be a cool sun dress as the day is always hot.  Preference – sleeveless to show off her great shoulders

$ – must not break the bank.

And most of all, it should be timeless.  I want to look back at pictures of this day with her children, and love this dress as much then as I do now.

Yes, I realize this is not a wedding dress, thanks for asking.

While the task was daunting, let’s remember, I am not a rookie mom.  I have done 6th grade graduation before.  I have also done a handful of cotillion, first communion, homecoming, and winter formal dresses.  My methods of finding the perfect garb span dumb luck to endless days of shopping torture.  For this occasion I would start and end with my go to plan – the internet.  In less than two hours  was able to sort through new and sale merchandise at local boutiques, national chains, and bargain havens.  I found what I wanted, she loved, and fit the budget at….. Nordstrom!

Behold!  United Colors of Benetton Kids Sleeveless Print Dress in navy with polka dots! No sparkles. sleeveless.  Price – $39. Love.

now for shoes…


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  1. You are hilarious!


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